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The Republic of Singapore

Singapore is made up primarily of Chinese, Indian, Malays and a mix of westerners. Many wayfind signs are in four languages and almost everyone speaks English. There's a ton of wealth, very cosmopolitan, and for some things it's expensive. Just behind the US dollar. The mix of cultures makes it's food probably the best highlight. Find a food court and your choices seem endless. I found myself trying to eat tiny meals so I could try as much as possible. There were a few standout Singapore items like Kaya toast or curry chicken. The snacks are on point. Skewers of fried everything, takeaway buns, a bag of bacon for the road... The metro is easy, the buildings and architecture go big, the bay gardens and super trees are really nice. I wouldn't come here for a long trip but it's great for a few days

Notes & Tips
Metro Super easy metro. The green line from the airport will take you straight downtown and most other stops are just minutes off the green.
Slept at Hotel Yan. Loved this hotel. Clean, minimal, & great staff. A small concrete room somehow feels like home. Book on Agoda for deal. There is a great food court a block away and various coffee shops and bars nearby as well. 10 minute walk to the metro.
Bee cheng hiang Famous bakkwa (bbq meat) store you'll find in various areas. They wouldn't let me buy just one piece of bacon so I bought a to-go bag. Sweet and smoked flavor.
Food Courts a must in Singapore. endless choices of culture eats. Lau Pa Sat is a famous food court near the business district downtown. I had even saw Costa Rican cuisine. 
Regret not eating more of the indian food near Arab street.
Marina Sands The build itself is next to Gardens By The Bay. Make sure to take a walk through the hotel and if you have time go up to the roof/patio. There's a couple cocktail bars open to the public but the pool is for hotel guests only I believe.
Gardens By the Bay At the very least go for a walk through here. The super trees are impressive and fun to look at when lit up. There are various "attractions" in the garden. I thought the cloud forest was great and worth the $12 admission fee. If I had more time I would have walked around the entire Gardens more. 
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