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Kuala Lumpur
The Capital of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A multi-ethnic city that's actually not that big, about the size of Nashville, and can be covered in 1-2 days. Batu caves, central market, mosques, and some tall buildings. What's really impressive is the food. Jalan Alor, Lot 10, Isetan's market, plus endless street vendors, food stalls and alleys. The walking food tour was the highlight. Quail and goat tongue soup was great. Nasi Lemak. Chili Pan Mee. Chicken sate. A Malay "special burger" with halah patty topped with cheese, sauce and wrapped in a thin fried egg. Squid stuffed with sticky rice soaked in coconut milk was surprisingly good. Roti Canai, a thin crepe with banana and sugar inside. If you're going.. go with a big appetite and watch this guide.

Notes & Tips
Back Home Hostel Great place, great vibe. Clean minimal and easy place to move around the city. Quick walk to train/subways. Connected to a coffee shop. Huge list of recommendations. Just read the bulletin board and you can knock out the entire city with their list. Affordable for both dorm and private rooms.
Food Walking Tour I did one through the Back Home hostel but there seem to be a few more. Really great way to branch out and discover new flavors and dishes you wouldn't normally eat. It's a lot of walking which is good because you eat almost the same as two thanksgiving meals. 
Isetan Japanese Store Isetan is a chain of Japanese department stores. They are incredible. You will experience retail and service on a whole other level. The KL location is new and one of the best designed stores so far. Get a 3D figure printed of yourself, browse their magazine & book library, have a snack or coffee. Make sure visit the bottom market floor that is next level for marketplace and food options. I did a japanese whiskey tasting in the marke and watched someone make soba noodles for half an hour.
Regrets not visiting a few of the other neighborhoods or nightlife that was happening while I was there. Wish I had more time to try more street food.
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