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Capital of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines. (What's in this video isn't what most of it looks like I just assume you don't want to see buildings) Such an insane and large city/area. I was told not to stay longer than a day, to go to their pristine beaches, that it can seem unsafe. All of that was true but I stayed 5 nights. I wanted city life and kinda just wanted to see what everyday life is like for someone my age. Manila has terrible traffic and radical old school modes of transport. So much is westernized here and most people speak English and Tagalog. The food is delicious. Lots of adobo chicken, pork lechon, garlic rice, fried eggs, Sisig, the list goes on. Manila is essentially multi cities stacked together with shanty towns and villages squeezed in between. You go from city life with malls to something pictured in this video very fast. Very humbling to see how people in them live. Mothers bathing kids on the sidewalk and houses just of tin. Their tourism is truly confusing to me as I was the only foreigner in their national museum. Felt like a kid relearning about trade routes and spices. Manila used to be called The Pearl of the Orient. This is probably the only place in Asia where people have my last name. They say the country's biggest export is it's people. Its Christmas so it's reunion time for families with everyone coming home. I'd say I picked a good time to be in the Philippines

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