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The Real Entrauge.

For the last six years many people near me have believed I've had two twitter accounts. Some thought one or the other was fake, however most assumed both we're real. I'm here to clear the air and set it straight that I've had a clone the last six years.

Unbeknownst to me one day in 2010 I woke up and noticed that for several months someone had been tweeting as me under the username @TheRealEntrauge. Their humor was my humor. Their cadence followed mine. The delivery was dead on. They followed my friends. My friends followed him? them? her? I wasn't sure but I had a list of suspects. I wanted to believe it was this joke on me created by a collective of friends. Friends had a hard time understanding the fact I had no clue who this was.

Years have gone by and I'm still stumped to know exactly who it is. I've decided to appreciate their perseverance and would be lying if I said it wasn't a bit flattering. An elaborate roast? A personal art project? Whatever it is they've seemed to keep the lights on.