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  • INT. Downtown los angeles loft apartment
  • Camera moves slowly towards the back of the room. closing in on what seems to be a bed
  • PETE (V.O.)
  • Hi Brad. It's me Pete.
  • I’m out here in sunny california thinking about my friend who's having a big birthday today.Ha. We're getting older. Wow, just recently I was thinking about uh you're old place downtown. Those were the days..
  • Well Brad. Or should I say Sargent Schaeffer. Wish i could be there for you. Wish we could all be there for you. But there's only room for one of us up there. and we're all looking up from down here on this dirt pile. Brad. God dammit Brad come home safe. And before I go there's one more person that needs to say something.
  • Camera about halfway from bed in room. Still moving slowly
  • MIKE (V.O.)
  • Hey brad. It's Mike.[coughs]
  • (V.O) in weird high voice. Coughs to reveal normal voice
  • coughs. Hey brad it's mike. Happy Birthday Chief. Can't believe it's been two years for you up there. We think about you a lot back here at camp. Still think about that tattoo you got on your ass. Life is a destination not journey. But I’ve actually become inspired by those words. more and more everyday.
  • Life is a destination not journey. Anyway. Love you man.

Co-Produced with Peter Barbee.
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