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Portra Dong
Everyday moments from Seoul's popular dongs
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Open collection reflecting the bizarre states of dreaming
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Little Chairs
Documenting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
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Sandalwood Island
Seven days in Sumba, Indonesia
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Ricoh Street
Digital street captures from around the globe
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Exposed Interiors
Series of shops & residences in Thailand

Often we do not remember full narratives of our dreams but rather fragments of visuals. We merge familiar places with surroundings & architecture we've only seen in photos or from some other world entirely. Faces become blurred, unrecognizable or turned away from us. Dreamlube is an ongoing collection of photographs intended to reflect & inspire these ever confusing states of dreaming.


Global street captures primarly through the lens of a digital Ricoh GRII

Exposed Interiors

Documenting the exposed life of shops & residences in Thailand. People going about their lives behind half closed gates at night. Shopkeepers patiently waiting for customers. Fluorescent lights providing just enough light to get a glimpse of what's inside.

Dea Puteri

Dea Puteri Rahajeng in Pererenan, Bali 


Seoul, S. Korea 2018-2019

Everyday moments from Seoul's popular dongs

Contax T3, Lomo LC-A, and Ricoh GRII.

Sri Lanka

Selects from twelve days exploring the island in March 2019


Captures from a seven day tour around Sumba. The eastern island in the Indonesian archipelago is largely untouched by the outside world and full of adventure stops, traditional villages and horses. 


Ongoing collection of photographs from Bali, Indonesia 

2018 - Current


Photographs from several trips between 2016-2019

Contax T3, Contax G2, and Ricoh GR2 & GR3.


Selects from a mototrip in January 2020 between Bangkok and northern Thailand. Shot on various film stocks of both 35mm and 120mm & lab developed in Chiang Mai & Bangkok.

Hong Kong

Photographs between 2018-2019 from various cameras.

My first experimenation with film started in Hong Kong 2018 after purchasing a LOMO LC-A at HK Camera


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Photographer & Digital Designer
Based in Bali, Indonesia
B. Texas 1981

dan lain-lain
Advice from friends, photography resources, travel tips etc ...

Negative Lab Pro
Incredible plugin for Lightroom for all-raw, non destructive negative conversion. The best way to do at home scans with a DSLR/mirrorless and 1:1 macro lens.

Willem Verbeeck 
Both his work and his advice are inspirational. Willems youtube channel is full of transparent behind the scenes looks into his process, reviews on film, advice on gear, and features with other photographers.

Ken Rockwell
Legend of camera knowledge and gear reviews. Particularly useful in checking in on old film cameras. Ken's minimalist, even craigslist type site has plenty of documentation for old and new buyers looking for reviews as well as detailed users guide information on cameras. 

International Film Lab Directory
Google map of labs around the world. If you have a pro lab you use and are comfortable traveling with your film I highly suggest you do that as it's a complete gamble trying new labs... BUT the process of using lab in a foreign country can be rewarding, fun and even cheaper than in the USA. I loved using Fotomaru in Seoul.

Japan Camera Hunter
Camera hunter and gear guru located in Tokyo. Bellamy's website is full of useful info relate dot all types of film cameras and lenses. Such a great resource to what to look for and how to shop for cameras. 

PPP Repairs
I cannot personally vouch for his work however his list of happy customers is long and his knowledge keeps growing about all types of old film cameras. The instagram is worth following just for eye candy.

Kai W
Over the last few years I keep coming across Kai's reviews for more modern lenses and cameras and they can help you when deciding on your future upgrade. 

Travel Tips

Most travel expectations are different than reality. Leave some room for improv. Consider going in low season to some places. It might be cheaper, less crowded and easier to wing some booking. Use Lonely Planet, Instagram, & other guides to find places you want to see but don’t over commit.

Plans from World Nomads be useful for situations due to medical emergencies, natural disasters, petty theft up to $1k but typically most will not cover a cancellation due to change of plans etc... You will need to browse other plans like TCP for professional gear coverage

Have a backup situation! Carry cards from different banks and store them in separate places. If you lose one you can transfer money to other easily.  I prefer ATMs over exchange kiosks. Be careful for pin scams. TransferWise is a great solution for a 2nd money source with free intl debt card + fast & cheap intl bank transfers.

If I had a top 5 travel tips one would be to drink enough water. Get a water bottle and use it. Feeling sluggish and tired will kill your travel vibe. Really helpful to have something around 20-30oz on a long flight. 

“If you see it, eat it.” Eat street food. Go with your gut on food safety but don’t over judge it. When ordering food remember that just because you order a “salad” doesn’t mean it will be a salad. This rule applies to EVERYTHING. 

A backup battery is a must. I prefer FaceTime audio for calls for the quality. If you plan to use foreign SIM cards unlock your phone one week before your trip. Google Fi has a good unlimited data plan that works in most countries.

Learn some language: Hello, thank you, delicious. Being able to ask "what's your name" is always a good icebreaker. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. When in doubt concede.

Agoda.com is great in Asia. Essentially same company as booking.com but I prefer Agoda's interface & process. Filter by their community rating system (8+) not the 1-5 stars. AirBNB can sometimes be more of a hassle especially upon depature when wanting to leave luggage to finish exploring a city.

Use taxi lines and always ask for the meter to avoid overcharging. It's best to have the address you’re going to written in the native language, especially in places like Korea or Japan.

Big headphones are clunky travel shit. Make sure to download your playlists offline.

If you aren't confident don't rent them. Wear a helmet. Travel insurance usually does NOT cover scooter accidents. 

Keep a tiny notebook. Having all Airline information in an offline setting, outside of email, is less stressful. Apple notes works great especially synched. Google Trips has a nice littel app for organizing plans.

Cheap flights do exist but it takes work to find some or you have to be willing to travel on flexible dates. I use a combination of Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner, & Google Flights. 

Reserve Budget
Travel plans change and things emerge while traveling that you weren’t expecting. Maybe you want to stay one more night in one location or a flight is canceled from weather. It helps if you have a reserve budget for these situations.

Two Day Rule
Generally I try to stick to a 2 day rule before switching locations. It always sucks to check into a hotel and have to leave in the morning. And most places take longer then 24hrs to get an idea of what they are like.

Use something that makes documenting your trip easy and fun. A pocket sized camera always works and is less distracting. Ricoh GR II is a great, affordable, pocket camera.



VacationAlways stay an extra day

PsychedelicsIf they come to kill you, let them

Comedyis always best when inadvertently performed by the unsuspecting

DecisionsJump and the universe will catch you

MenstruationWomen have the gift of the blood which carries with it the power of a superhuman emotional insight to men and meaning of the dark side of life and the dark side of the moon. They're to be both feared and revered during menstruation because while they seem out of control they are also receiving instinctual psychic messages. We've effectively trained them into thinking the messages are just crazy medical hormonal emotion with no other meaning so usually they just feel bad later for raggin but the truth is they feel shit, deep psychic primal messages and it makes em nuts. Just beware the blood man, be your best then cuz when she's bleeding shes seeing souls and phantoms.

GoalsMake sure to write them down and hang them where you can see them

DestinyFind your own river and float the fuck out of it

BedsSex on a featherbed is like jogging in sand

DreamsPractice your dreams

Scentis all about perception, perception is deceptively detailed and nuanced


Serious About Books All oldies from The Zombies to the Platters. The best era where all the music was either about falling in or falling out of love. ↳ MP3

Rio's Night Out This is the story and soundtrack of Rio's night out. Follow Rio as he dazzles women in his summer affairs, starting at the infamous La Mansion Del Leo and ending on Rio's yacht. ↳ MP3

Joshua Tree Comprised of songs that filled a Joshua Tree weekend with friends during the Perseid Meteor Shower 2013. In the words of my friend Brassell, "use headphones liberally". America and Richard Hawley to Gram Parsons and ELO. ↳ MP3

Book of Matches A little after hours mix to bring some fire to your party. Get cozy to some Delfonics, Sebastien Tellier and the Delegation. ↳ MP3

Runaway Vintage treasures. Some rare cuts and standards. Del Shannon, Roger Rodier, The Sundowners. ↳ ZIP

Wolfcast 1 Spring tunes. First version of the Wolfcast series. Herbie Handock, Prince, Jensen Sportag, Erlend Oye, Calivin Harirs, Klaxons, Junior Senior, Annie. ↳ MP3

Wolfcast 2 Part 2 of the Wolfcast: Mission Accomplished Iraq. Modjo, Supermal, Ususi Fantasia, Casco, The Presets, Kelly Polar, Ronnie James, Falco, Slang, Alex Gopher. ↳ MP3

Wolfcast 3 Part 3 of the Wolfcast. The Buggles, New Musik, Breakbot, Ladyhawke, The Similou, Tigercity, Walter Meego, CSS, The Twelves, Anorakk, Sneaky Sound System. ↳ MP3